First Time Visitors

Welcome! This is a school, not a church. This is to say: be prepared to learn something that hasn’t been revealed to YOU. (John 15: 16, “You did not choose Me, but I chose you) -“ask of the Father in HIS name

Please Note: Every class/lecture starts with: Moderation & Aims TIP: Focus on the information/the principles & point of what’s being preached in each class!!! (I know, there are many distractions) FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS – OK, Here WE GO! 😘

HOLIDAY LECTURES & or Materials: If you haven’t done research on Christmas  

Basic Fundamentals, Introduction to the Teaching:

Phoenix, AZ Audio Lectures: Knowing the True Name

Ontario CA Lectures: (212) Lecture: Basic Fundamentals for a 1st Time Visitor 11/5/20 – YouTube, (227) Lecture: Basic Fundamentals for a 1st Time Visitor 11/5/20 – YouTube

Meridian, MI Lecture: (227) 02-05-2021 Meridian Friday Class: Introduction to the Teaching – YouTube

Tampa, FL Lectures: ,

Honest Hearted Truth Seekers of Yahshua: (261) Thursday September 16, 2021 Yahshua fulfills the Day of Atonement mp4 – YouTube ALSO:

It is OUR divine duty: to educate you through the facts according to the “Scriptures” (Law & Prophets -Isaiah 8:20). “Law/1st 5 book of Moses and the Prophets/34 books from Joshua to Malachi, Make up the “Scriptures”. aka: witnesses to each other.


Why Trinity is not in the Bible:

The Name & Yahshua’s Death, Burial, Resurrection (D,B,R,) in 3 Days:

Green Chart:

Our Body’s CELL,,

(261) 9-2-21 Green Chart Thursdays: The Arterial Circle of Willis – YouTube

Learn how the “Whole World Has Been Deceived”(WWHBD). HERE IT IS: The letter “J” just came in existence in the 17th century. COME ON NOW, keep studying with us. (“I too once, didn’t know”) This mystery has been hid from generations, but NOW is made manifest to his sons – Colossians 1:26

NOW YOUR duty: to diligently seek (Heb 11:6) – Prove all things (1 Thes 5:21). hold fast to truth

NOTE: History/(HisStory) will begin to make sense: Once you learn to reinsert the original NAME of the Father “YAHWEH” where reads “LORD” and the correct TITLE “ELOHIM” where reads “God” and “YAHSHUA” where reads “Jesus”

Are YOU READY to LEARN ALL YOU CAN? see class recordings free on YouTube, see Directory for physical classes.

Please check back often, additional information to be posted